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Floating Jaguar
Waterbowl Jaguar  
has spoken  
has made his move  
has crushed our skulls  
his unmatchable jaws  
have opened our eyes  
to worlds new  
unequalled ever before  
To wet great cats we owe our future  
Lancelot Price 2017 March 1
:iconlancelotprice:LancelotPrice 7 7
In the center of the hurricane's eye  
I look out and see the storm  
The forms of madness  
Making everything go faster  
No matter the consequence  
The loss of the only thing that matters  
Lancelot Price 2017 January 12
:iconlancelotprice:LancelotPrice 4 10
Held at the meeting of night and day  
No light to play  
no night to hide  
living on the side  
nothing done to  
make them say  
you did us good  
you did a favour  
you gave our lives more savour  
another flavour  
you just watched others  
and pleasured your self  
self self  
Lancelot Price 2017 January 6
:iconlancelotprice:LancelotPrice 5 7
homeless salivation army yet unsaved  
republicans in power  
speaking of entitlement  
the entitled's name for hateful compassion  
reduction of profit margin  
the game of paper  
never won by the time they die  
records burning  
egos wanting  
dead chiefs  
dead companies  
Bowie coming through in waves immortal  
Lancelot Price 2016 December 23
:iconlancelotprice:LancelotPrice 9 10
You thousand year old man
who looks like a boy
You're bending my brain
with your body of philosophies
Your unicorn fantasies
of disaster
One way or another
The leopard, Chui
Dragging me up a tree
like a baby giraffe
but yet unborn
Shorn of sense
Or sensibility
Fallen prey to unreturned desire
Prayer is no answer
No gift
No pleasure
No comfort
It's all just no
Without safeness or security
Danger, always danger
That's my lot
I had forgot
Mind your surroundings
Lancelot Price 2016 November 20
:iconlancelotprice:LancelotPrice 9 24
I've had no dreams for a long long time  
Each sleep I've gone without a vision  
Now I've started to drink caffeine  
without a limit  
right to the time I go to bed  
I sleep right away  
but the dreams are now  
Strange happenings without relation
of any sort that I can see
to me
And yet they threaten
They scare the part of me that cares
about meaning
and I am left with vague unease
Lancelot Price 2016 September 14
I'm interested in sleeping
:iconlancelotprice:LancelotPrice 7 28
pink white
pink white
I went for the basket
into the store  
to my left some customer.. conventional  
turned her head toward me  
I could feel the eyes as I moved forward  
pretending I didn't see  
out at the edge of vision  
I could feel her eyes  
trying to figure what I was  
as conventionals do  
following their simple rules
my tight pink tee    
my white baseball cap with a little orange Bowie pin  
Bowie bein' Ziggy  
my big white sunnies  
Electric California  
like the ones Cobain wore  
before he killed himself  
like the ones Audrey wore while she was stealing a million  
my Levis 511 skinnies  
white sox  
faded All Stars  
that used 2 be Navy blue  
Yeah, I was tryin'  
like a boy should do  
and I got the reaction I was goin' for  
disbelief that couldn't hide  
and others that didn't do  
it was no big
:iconlancelotprice:LancelotPrice 5 3
Faded Song
Faded Song
For one last time  
Before it's gone  
Why don't we play the old recorded song  
and enjoy its faded glory?
:iconlancelotprice:LancelotPrice 3 6
talking house
talking house
It spoke to me with a thousand mouths  
This legendary talking house  
It told me secrets  
Numberless secrets  
Past murders  
And things more chilling  
Than merely ordinary killing  
War planning  
Poison gas on fields of war  
It quoted love poems  
Writ by passioned humans  
Trapped in romance  
Like fools  
Designing tools  
To create bridges  
Among countries  
And old men  
Stories going on and on  
I did not know a house could be so old  
But it was  
Lancelot Price 2016 January 19
:iconlancelotprice:LancelotPrice 4 8
I dreamed that Ziggy kissed my brain  
right in the center of it all
Stardust coalesced there  
Exploded in creation  
Life began  
Lancelot Price 2016 January 19
:iconlancelotprice:LancelotPrice 6 11
thin white duck  
drowning in life  
if only  
i could fly  
to myth Paradise  
like myth angels  
Paradise is now  
one second  
no others  
it's over when i sing my last song  
Lancelot Price 2016 January 18
:iconlancelotprice:LancelotPrice 4 9
Our World
electric canaries and nightingales  
singing, arcing 'round the Starmen  
and their leader, Bob  
That's his name this time  
lookin' so ordinary  
so weirdly extraordinary  
Skinny shirts and jeans  
jazzing in new orleans  
Bob and Frank and Louis  
Living off Jackson queens  
consumin' extraordinary beans  
killin' the hateful means  
with stings from space bees  
hornet wasps and things  
and bright colours from the rain  
it's our thing  now  
our world  
our world  
our world  
Lancelot Price 2016 January 13
:iconlancelotprice:LancelotPrice 6 9
not a trace of sweetness  
in your flesh or bone  
none in your gutty core  
You're all ideas and vast explosions  
No comfort found in warmth of you  
Yet you fascinate  
So sexy  
I can't compete but I can love  
Lancelot Price 2016 January 10
:iconlancelotprice:LancelotPrice 4 2
button eyes
button-eyed teddybear  
designed by death  
with his last breath  
fur peeling off with skin  
top of skull  
missing and made  
into a flower garden  
so small  
full of exotic plants and koi ponds  
pushing out oxygen to the starved  
Lancelot Price 2016 January 09
:iconlancelotprice:LancelotPrice 2 0
With great power comes loneliness. The man who has no equal,  has no love. Those who are less may respect, may worship, may fear. And they may call those love. But they are not love. One must have equals to have friends. One must be equal to love and be loved. One must be vulnerable to give and receive. The perfect armour of unmatchable strength gives a home that none can share. An empty freedom.
Lancelot Price 2015 December 26
:iconlancelotprice:LancelotPrice 2 7
boys and cars [a song]
A song
Boys and cars  
Nights and stars  
Miami streets 'n'
Music's beats  
Top down  
Open life  
Lettin' the world  
See boys in cars  
[quick instrumental bridge]
Kissin' at the stop signs  
The feelin' is go  
And not real slow  
Foot on the gas  
Passin' traffic  
Didn't see that train  
Comin' down  
The  track we cross  
[short bridge, instrumental]
Loss of blood  
Last thing I heard  
Lancelot Price 2015 December 22 1141
As yet undeveloped and unrecorded.
:iconlancelotprice:LancelotPrice 0 4
Please read the writings on their own page so they can be seen and heard the way they're meant to be.

Random Favourites

hilary kit,
you were a plain name
and a face deprived of beauty by years unkind;
you had your grays redwashed on thursdays
and spoke about your cats, your grandchildren, and your husband william:
oh william, he was the sweetest man you had ever known,
and you knew he was the one when you met him;
you were twenty-four and heartbroken, a floridian
who didn't love the sun. he was from chicago and spoke
like a man who knew his away around a book; you married
after six days, and it might have been two, were it not for blood tests.
"you're queer, right?" you asked me,
and i was hesitant to respond, but you said i was all right,
it was all right because no one else knew your hair like me,
could make you feel young and spry with a box of dye.
"when i was young, my hair was red like this, this ginger color,
and you emulate it perfectly."
i liked your kind eyes and believed you
when you told me you used to model; i didn't wait for proof,
and that's why you liked me, too. you said you liked me, t
:iconglossolalias:glossolalias 13 8
She made hot chocolate that morning -
the kind that sticks to the mug
and burns -
and baked an apple cobbler,
deep dish warm with butter and fruit,
for the prodigal had returned.
She turned out the sheets
on his bed
and hung his jeans
out to dry -
the bright flag of denim
announcing his return
to everyone on the street.
Slowly the neighbors trickled in  
to wonder and gape -
offerings of spiced ham
and ale, brown bread with raisins
and freshly knitted socks and mufflers
in soft merino shades -
all bundled as if in tribute.
They wanted to see
if he could still sing Amazing Grace
in his fine tenor voice
and drink the men under a table,
his fists the only answer
left lingering in the dark.
They hoped to see
the tall buildings
in his cheeks,
and the alley's long shadows
bruising the skin
at his temples;
and maybe he had stories
birthed in wine
and women's hips that would
steam the bite
off their jaws
and make their wives blush.
For a city left its mark,
as if proof was needed
:iconscarlettletters:Scarlettletters 128 74
Plum Fedora
I wear my plum fedora out into the vanilla world
A world so boring and tedious that I wish for lightning to strike
The pale sun shines on, no storms seem to be in the cards
I slink back into my apartment and hang my fedora by the door
I need a jolt of life, something to energize my brain
Ease my pain, kill some time, rewind the clock to better times
A drink, some medication, maybe warm arms around me
Something to make me want to wear my plum fedora out
Sick and slow and cold as snow, my tumor grows and grows and grows
Blacklung badheart too damned young to be too damned old
A black bicycle pedals across the horizon and I wish it were six white horses
If this is the world's best offering I'll never wear that fedora anymore
:iconbark:Bark 15 27
sunup, sunrise
to speak on the inconsistency of dreams would be redundant;
we swept the walls for dust
and took down each pillar with a chisel no bigger than my hand,
no bigger than yours,
in the dim-lit factory filled with ivy leaves and cracked concrete;
beneath us, the turtle groaned and swam closer to the sun,
its scales beat dry by passing stars,
and the windows had all been broken or boarded with lace;
the orange became our shading,
and the walls shook with sunup, with the dim-lit walls and the ivy
quivered; the sunrise, sunup with the swimming fins drifting dust
that rose into our nostrils,
and the chisels dropped through the floor with the pillars, the ivy
broke the lace and the lace quivered;
orangeburst in violet, the violent sunrise on the cracked shell and
the factory groaned,
the turtle moaned beneath its weight;
to speak on the inconsistency of dreams would be redundant.
:iconglossolalias:glossolalias 15 45
Beyond The Gate
Beyond The Gate
Your chest is closed
Like shutters are in winter gloom
From wind, the uninvited guest
And gaze like weathervane
Holds on to home, its gate and fence
Despite turning from east to west  
In you there's night
The loving palm that covers all;
You're hiding shadows from the sun
Path to eon
Has no end but you say you're on your way
To hold me when the crowds are gone
I'm not afraid
Of iron grating, doors and locks
As long as I am bound with you
Sandglass may keep
Grains rolling down but time will find
A way to flee and we will too
:iconthedarkenedbride:TheDarkenedBride 28 24
Crazy Cyclist VI by FrodoK Crazy Cyclist VI :iconfrodok:FrodoK 199 19 Processes by RichardLeach Processes :iconrichardleach:RichardLeach 41 33 woman by glenox66 woman :iconglenox66:glenox66 30 5
Hush, Hush
Hush, Hush
He was quiet at first,
But then I confessed to
Listening to Morrissey just to feel again.
He said one day
I would remember him long after
I had forgotten him, and today,
I remembered him.
A shirt, white,
Two buttons undone, his skin like marble.
Once he had smiled;
It blinded me, perfect,
But I cannot remember where it came from,
Or if it had been for me.
Post-it-notes on my coffee cup,
The last one said goodbye.
I swear he left on the breeze,
I haven't heard a word since.
:iconpurple-freak9:Purple-Freak9 4 9
September 26 by RichardLeach September 26 :iconrichardleach:RichardLeach 70 66
in that second,
(when the sun beat so hard i could hear
every waving particle, see the color before it was
swallowed; i closed my eyes and felt the concrete
blaring, the refracting windows aching, and each
bird crackling in the parched trees, feathers rustling
and beaks clacking, blackness bleached orange and
my hands sought in the silence of my pockets,
imprisoned and pallid like a dog yapping in that hot car)
i became.
:iconglossolalias:glossolalias 31 43
along the Saigon river by glenox66 along the Saigon river :iconglenox66:glenox66 55 9
Mature content
Broken :iconthebratprinceofga:TheBratPrinceofGA 2 0
Walk in the Sky by voitv Walk in the Sky :iconvoitv:voitv 544 38



Hello, Friends, I'm here again. Vanished into an alternate dimension till the Selling Times were over for a few days.
Dimension X has no television, luckily, so I missed much horrid hoopla and soporific stupidity, kneejerking, all of it. :D
And thus was happy! HO HO HOOOOO


United States
I finally have a book available here>…
I decided to make all profits go to my friend, Ron :iconbark: , or to his heirs, not to me. It will be available in other places in the future. Or maybe not.

The writer formerly known as moonflower-kimono> moonflower-kimono.deviantart.c… or 'Gypsy-Knight'

Concealing the whole T^n^12-x complications thing in brief streams of simple words.

I live in financial poverty self-imposed by sliding from one pleasure to another as though by wayward gravity. So there we are. um... or rather, There I am.

Auto biography, Chapter One ;)

I must have been too ignorant yet when I was a little kid; I should have known right away what ride I was in for when the first book I ever read was Alice in Wonderland-Through the Looking Glass.

Talking lilies, teapots full of dormice. Oh yes, I should have suspected that life would be full of extraordinary unbirthdays, and I would forever play croquet with flamingo mallets.

I never did fit the standards, and that's what made my life the interesting thing it is. I can probably never be sure if wildness was already in me so that I resonated with Wonderland or whether Wonderland made me wild. Either way, I could never be satisfied with ordinary life; I needed, yes, needed life more intense and beautiful. I was blessed by Lewis Carroll. I'll be grateful to him as long as I live.

[The Wonderland part was originally a response to a journal entry by my first dA friend :iconradiopooh: a former EMT, an IT guy for a hospital, a drummer, an encourager, and a storyteller. Goodbye, my friend. He died many years short of the statistical average.Now his work is gone from dA, so he is even deader. Such is the fate of all of us; the flow of events makes us all disappear from even memory. Live your best, your fullest, while you can.]

Current Residence: here in my head
Favourite genre of music: just music-Years&Years,Troye Sivan,Beatles, PSB, Limahl, New Order,
Radiohead,Adele,ad inf.
Favourite photographer: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Gene Smith, Ansel Adams
Favourite style of art: metaphor
Operating Systems: 7 and Vista. 7 is the same as Vista with a lot fewer device drivers
MP3 player of choice: WinAmp 5.63withWinAmpModern skin, WinAmp 2.95 [for the animated vertical frequency graph with selectable styles and colours
Shell of choice: pasta, Murex, and garden snail
Wallpaper of choice: don't like wallpaper, I prefer wooden walls, as did the fifth-century 'BCE' Athenian navy
Skin of choice: very firmly supported
Favourite cartoon character: mm... right now I'd say Totoro!! and Porco Rosso. Oh! and Calvin and Hobbes! and Howl!
Personal Quote: If it coulda, it woulda.



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